Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. (EWS) offers fee only fiduciary financial planning and asset management inside a 4-Step Process. Together, we help you create your personal wealth solution.

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After all, you need to find someone you can trust to provide full disclosure.

If after your meeting you agree, she will be glad to get you scheduled for a Discover Session.  That’s is a complimentary deep dive into your financial life and it is Step 1 of our Financial Planning Process.

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Medicine must be about the individual. Doctors use their collective medical knowledge to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for the individual in front of them. That’s precisely how financial coaching should work.

At Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. we have developed two programs with that individualized, honest approach in mind:

Your Personal Wealth Solution is our LEVEL ONE service that provides financial coaching and asset management services that speak directly to your life, concerns and future needs. See Tom and Lois’ story below for more information.

Your Identity Alignment Solution is our LEVEL TWO service to help clients create and implement a plan for their financial resources that aligns with who they are and where they want to go. It shows them how their relationship with money may be holding them back. We designed this approach to unlock unseen financial issues, often created in childhood, and spur clients forward to a financial breakthrough.  See Mike and Audrey’s story below for more information.


Tom and Lois wanted safe and reliable retirement income. EWS helped them achieve that and a lot more.  We showed them how to plug a $185,000 wealth leak, improved their retirement income by 35% and increased what they left as a family legacy.

Our 4-Step Financial Planning Process helped them DISCOVER problems in their current plan, UNDERSTAND the options available to them, CHOOSE the best strategy for their lifestyle and IMPLEMENT that strategy with confidence.

Upon learning that their investments would lose $185,000 from unnecessary fees over the next 20 years, they fired their broker.  They also re-evaluated their tolerance for risk and became educated about investment and income alternatives.  Creating 35% more joint income for the rest of their lives was also a relief.

They told us our 4-Step Financial Planning Process was like attending money school.

When they were ready, they made changes that they completely understood.

Tom and Lois got their kids involved too.  After all, they need to understand what they may manage someday if Tom and Lois cannot.  We are now in conversations with the children about how they may be able to create their own personal wealth solution.

When you consider that Social Security in its current format and traditional pensions may not be available for younger generations, an important conversation may be “how to improve your family legacy”.

After Tom and Lois buttoned up their own financial security, their attention turned to their children and grandchildren.

They wanted to know what they might be able to do to create a lasting financial legal for them.

All it took was thinking outside the box.  Very often a simple solution is possible when you throw away cooking-cutter thinking. Tom and Lois’ children were amazed at what was possible for them.

Imagine what may be possible for you and your family.


At age 62, Mike told me about his childhood and how his dad always hustled to make ends meet. He saw his dad’s exhaustion and frustration. One day, his dad couldn’t take it anymore and just quit. Mike’s mom felt betrayed by her husband, the primary provider. She excessively berated him in front of Mike as she wondered how they would make ends meet.

Mike found his dad later that day curled up on the floor crying like a baby. Seeing his father so broken taught him a lie that you must keep going even if you are unhappy and miserable. He absorbed this as the “right” thing to do and determined that he must make a lot of money if he was going to be respected.

Mike and Audrey married in their late 20s. He didn’t know she also carried baggage about money from her childhood. She grew up with very little, in an environment in which there was never enough.

Audrey learned the lie that she was not worthy of having anything valuable. She was also the one in their relationship controlling the purse strings.

Mike worked far too many hours to bring home the bacon.  Audrey kept spending it on things that fell apart and ended up in the trash.

Their relationship was in trouble. Neither could see the root causes of their unhappiness.

Once Mike and Audrey placed their trust in us, my team and I went to work to help them see the truth about themselves and what was possible for them.

I am so grateful for that gift of trust. It takes a lot to open your financial kimono, let alone personal experiences that shape your reality. But it paid off for them in the end.

We unearthed these scars in their history and implemented a plan that would relieve the strain on their finances and their relationship.

With work, Audrey now believes she is valuable and can own items and experiences of value. Mike realized he didn’t have to work so much and is now able to be home more and enjoy time with Audrey, something he never believed possible.

Today, Mike and Audrey have not only learned how to use their financial resources in alignment with who they really are, but they are excited about it. They have also referred their children to us to help undo years of misinformation about what’s possible for them.


*Disclosure: Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

Mary was shopping around for someone who could help her navigate the best outcomes for reliable retirement income.  She found peace of mind going through the 4-Step Process, especially Steps 1 and 2: Discover and Understand. 

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