Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. (EWS) offers fee only fiduciary financial planning and asset management inside a 4-Step Process. Together, we help you create your personal wealth solution.

4-Step Process


Discover what you are presently doing. Looking and listening beyond the data, we may Discover opportunities for greater financial success and also uncover financial leaks. Eight out of ten individuals, families and/or businesses are leaking money unknowingly and unnecessarily. By plugging those leaks, you may Discover you can retire earlier and with more money; pay less for college; reduce taxes and pass more to your heirs.


Understand how financial leaks and losses hurt you more than gains help you. Understand how to plug those financial leaks and reduce risk. Understand how some commission loaded insurance plans limit your ability to grow wealth. Understand ways to buy real estate, pay for large capital items, pay for your children’s education in ways that avoid huge financial leaks that may ultimately cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.


Without discovery and understanding it is difficult to Choose. We invest whatever time is necessary to help you make good financial choices. You are ultimately responsible for those choices and should never be rushed. Financial advisors should be held to the highest legal fiduciary standard, which means we must always act in the best interest of their client – no exceptions.


When it’s time to Implement your personal solutions, we are your accountability and implementation partner to get everything done right. Whether you are building wealth or have already accumulated substantial wealth, it is our privilege to help you create your personal wealth solution.


*Disclosure: Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

Greg and Heather married about a year after college, both were making decent incomes and had two children who would be going off to college someday. Greg knew how to make money but never learned how to manage it. Heather grew up in a family that watched every penny in order to make ends meet. Needless to say, there were money disagreements. They each longed for a way to stop arguing about money all the time.

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