Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. (EWS) offers fee only fiduciary financial planning and asset management inside a 4-Step Process. Together, we help you create your personal wealth solution.

Early Stage

EWS Services are aligned to help families pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt. Parents who plan early, long before high school, have more options and set themselves up to pay less for college.

In fact, we may be able to show you how to be completely debt free before the college years start for your family. That‘s huge. Just look at the story of Mark and Joyce.

Mark is 37; Joyce 35. They have 3 children 3, 4, and 8.
Their monthly income is $7,085

They are interested in:

  • College Planning
  • Reducing Debt
  • Wills and Trust
  • Increasing Savings
  • Getting Spending Under Control
  • Increasing Retirement Saving and Future Income

Savings & Investments

$6,000 Bank of America Savings earnings 0.25% interest;
adding $25/month

$36,500 Fidelity 401k Retirement Account earning 5% interest;
adding $300/month

Total Debts

$ 450 Visa [12% interest; $55 payment]
$ 2,420 Medical/Dental [0% interest; $200 payment]
$ 4,236 Credit Card [16% interest; $296 payment]
$ 5,988 Furniture [18% interest; $237 payment]
$ 13,313 Auto Loan [8% interest; $412 payment]
$ 153,781 Mortgage Loan [6.5% interest; $972 payment]
$ 180,198 Total Debt [10% average interest; total payment $2,177]

$ 380,157 REAL DEBT over 30 years after adding $199,959 of interest cost

Current College Plan did not exist and they were very concerned. Current Retirement Plan was automatically funded through work. But they knew it was not going to be enough.

What Did EWS Help Them Accomplish

Got them free from lenders in 7.8 years
Saved them interest of $122,739
Freed up $2,177/month for college planning
Plus, instead of only having about $400,000 for retirement (pre-tax), we put them on a track to have over $1m tax free for retirement.
And they:

  • Created a college savings plan with ease
  • Legally sheltered assets from the college planning formulas
  • Argue less about money
  • Found wasted money
  • Vastly improved cash flow
  • Dramatically increased savings
  • Got out of debt faster than they ever dreamed possible
  • Will be able to retire with tax-favored income


Would that include you?

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Because, if I can show a plan that makes sense to you . . . then you may be a on a College Financial Planning road that leads to peace of mind.

Late Stage

Late stage college planning includes families with students who are already in High School. How much you pay for College is contingent upon how you handle the admissions process and what tax and financial planning strategies pertinent to your family you end up putting into action.

We help your student look beyond college and major selection to career selection in which they are Fit 2 Flourish.

Using college funding tools, calculators and strategies, we will help you understand the best practice for reducing your college expenses.

Our EWS Team consists of Financial Planners, a CPA expert in the rules and regulations of higher education, National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC), and Advanced Birkman Counsultants.

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