Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. (EWS) offers fee only fiduciary financial planning and asset management inside a 4-Step Process. Together, we help you create your personal wealth solution.

EWS is a registered investment advisor offering Private Asset Management through Abraham & Co., Inc. a registered investment advisor.

Do Your Investment Returns and Volatility Match Your Financial Needs?

Do you know that market losses will always do more damage to your portfolio than gains may actually help it? That’s not to say gains are not important.  Of course they are.  But a significant loss requires an even more significant gain if you want to simply break even. For example, a 30% portfolio loss requires a 43% return the following year, just to break even?

Have you already accumulated the level of assets that many are trying to get to? If so, are you taking more risk than you need to?  EWS can help you see the truth. After all, if you are always “gunning” for the fences, you are probably taking more risk than necessary.  After proper planning, we can help you see the return you need.  Knowing is incredibly powerful.  Plus, we utilize money managers that do more than simply put you in a set it and forget it model.  If you are going to pay for advice, it should be worth it.

Investments and investment managers that rarely change investment allocation and produce returns that fluctuate broadly in line with stock markets may no longer sit well with you as an investor.

You either invest your money to increase its value or generate income, and sometimes a mixture of both. Although your investment goals may be achievable over the long-term, short-term volatility can have a profoundly negative effect on your financial position and peace of mind . . . especially in retirement.  That’s just another reason why proper planning and wise money management is so important.

Investor Choice and Risk Potential

Private Asset Management

We offer Private Asset Management through Abraham & Co., Inc. a registered investment advisor and our custodians TD Ameritrade Institutional and Interactive Brokers. Each account is designed specifically to suit the risk tolerance and objectives of each client.

Portfolio management with a range of investment options that is informed by strategic insight from  1) quantitative 2) fundamental 3) macro analysis with an emphasis on duration.

  • It helps our team to skate to where the puck is going versus chasing returns.

What Is a Custodian?

A custodian is a financial institution that has certain regulatory responsibilities for assets in a customer’s brokerage account. EWS as a registered investment advisor, is required to have a custodian. Investments that you entrust to our firm are placed in custody with TD Ameritrade Institutional and Interactive Brokers – two of the largest clearing providers in the industry. A clearing firm is an organization that, among other things, handles the execution, clearance, and settlements of transactions. When you’re selecting your financial advisor, considering who your advisor uses to custody your investments can be critical.

With TD Ameritrade Institutional and Interactive Brokers, EWS is able to offer the flexibility to invest in variety of ways.

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